Our Family

Our Family

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Silly Spencer

 We love this crazy 2 year old. I am just so excited for his 2 year molars to finish coming in so he can return to being a sweet kind boy instead of the crab that has been running around our house getting into mischief. He has such a hard time obeying when he doesn't feel like himself. They are almost all in, but they are sure taking their time.

He is a great big brother. He likes to smother Kate (literally sometimes) with hugs and kisses. He loves to teach her new things and shares "Bobo" the Bear and his Silky with her. I have so many pictures of Spencer hugging Katie because nearly every morning he comes in and asks for Katie, hugs her and asks for a picture of him hugging her.

He loves being able to tell people what to do. His cousin Kayden and our neighbor, Susan, one of his nursery leaders, are among his favorite people to boss around. He also loves all of his aunts and telling them what to do, like commanding them to have dance parties with him.

He has a sweet spirit that is sensitive to the sacred. He can sing lots of the primary songs and LOVES the temple. When Nathan and I go, he asks to come with us. I am pleased to report that he now looks forward to going to nursery instead of screaming when we pull into the parking lot. It really helps not being the only one in there anymore.
 He is such a little boy. Everything is for climbing or jumping on. He loves to run. He knows the way to walk to Grandma's and frequently heads down the street on his way to see her leaving me to chase him down. Bugs are the best! He imagines bugs everywhere and we have an imaginary snake named Simon. Don't worry, Spencer tells me he is a nice snake. A friend recently advised me that with boys everything is "either Broken, Peed on, or a Weapon". That is so true. I don't even know where he learned about swords, but everything is a sword lately.
 He has his own unique sense of fashion. He insists on choosing his own clothes. Often he picks two shirts and no pants. Many mornings I try to explain that we need a top and a bottom not two tops. He proved me wrong...he came out dressed like this one morning. Points for creativity.
 He also really likes bow ties. He insists on wearing his red bow tie to church on Sunday (and other days) even though he has other ties I want him to wear too. He found Katie's hair bows and decided that they would make such better bow ties and what is better than one bow tie? Lots of bow ties!
 Mustaches are also super nifty. Again, I have no idea where he heard about mustaches. The only thing I can figure is that he remembered it from when we did Google Chat with his aunts and used the mustache effect. Lots of things, especially at mealtimes have become a mustache. Life must have been really boring before kids, but I love every minute with them. Ok, I love most minutes, some take hindsight to appreciate.

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  1. Love the updates on your kiddos! What a sweet family, and a good Mommy! (And Daddy) Love you!