Our Family

Our Family

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Silly Spencer

 We love this crazy 2 year old. I am just so excited for his 2 year molars to finish coming in so he can return to being a sweet kind boy instead of the crab that has been running around our house getting into mischief. He has such a hard time obeying when he doesn't feel like himself. They are almost all in, but they are sure taking their time.

He is a great big brother. He likes to smother Kate (literally sometimes) with hugs and kisses. He loves to teach her new things and shares "Bobo" the Bear and his Silky with her. I have so many pictures of Spencer hugging Katie because nearly every morning he comes in and asks for Katie, hugs her and asks for a picture of him hugging her.

He loves being able to tell people what to do. His cousin Kayden and our neighbor, Susan, one of his nursery leaders, are among his favorite people to boss around. He also loves all of his aunts and telling them what to do, like commanding them to have dance parties with him.

He has a sweet spirit that is sensitive to the sacred. He can sing lots of the primary songs and LOVES the temple. When Nathan and I go, he asks to come with us. I am pleased to report that he now looks forward to going to nursery instead of screaming when we pull into the parking lot. It really helps not being the only one in there anymore.
 He is such a little boy. Everything is for climbing or jumping on. He loves to run. He knows the way to walk to Grandma's and frequently heads down the street on his way to see her leaving me to chase him down. Bugs are the best! He imagines bugs everywhere and we have an imaginary snake named Simon. Don't worry, Spencer tells me he is a nice snake. A friend recently advised me that with boys everything is "either Broken, Peed on, or a Weapon". That is so true. I don't even know where he learned about swords, but everything is a sword lately.
 He has his own unique sense of fashion. He insists on choosing his own clothes. Often he picks two shirts and no pants. Many mornings I try to explain that we need a top and a bottom not two tops. He proved me wrong...he came out dressed like this one morning. Points for creativity.
 He also really likes bow ties. He insists on wearing his red bow tie to church on Sunday (and other days) even though he has other ties I want him to wear too. He found Katie's hair bows and decided that they would make such better bow ties and what is better than one bow tie? Lots of bow ties!
 Mustaches are also super nifty. Again, I have no idea where he heard about mustaches. The only thing I can figure is that he remembered it from when we did Google Chat with his aunts and used the mustache effect. Lots of things, especially at mealtimes have become a mustache. Life must have been really boring before kids, but I love every minute with them. Ok, I love most minutes, some take hindsight to appreciate.

Katie-4 months

I am really not sure where the time has gone, but if anyone finds it, I would like it back please. My sweet Kate is 4 months old. She is truly the best baby, just ask anyone. I had a line of people waiting to hold her after church and get their Katie fix. Her brother is one of her most ardent admirers. He gives her hugs every morning and loves to play with his "Tatie-bug".


  1 Month

She is the cutest little girl version of Uncle Joe from Meet The Robinsons

 2 Months

 3 Months


4 Months

She loves her Dad, attention, blowing bubbles, Spencer, baths, sucking her thumb(s) and being naked. She rolled from her tummy to her back for Grandpa yesterday for the first time and made it look like she had been doing it for weeks. She rolls proficiently from back to tummy and loves to stand while holding fingers. She will be crawling before we know it. She has a ready smile that lights up her whole face. She likes to hear the sound of her voice. She has sweet coos and this funny little yell (not cry, just yell) that she does when we are not paying enough attention to her.

Here is a picture of me at about her age and one of Katie in the dress I was blessed in. I think she looks like me but nearly everyone that comments says that she looks like her dad.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Davis Reunion

Memorial Day Weekend AKA the Sam and Marva Davis Family Reunion

A few weeks after Katie was born I got THE WORST COLD EVER. Not even joking, I wanted to crawls under a rock and just pass out for a few days. Nursing prevented me from taking anything to really make that possible (NyQuil, where art thou?). Katie, unfortunately, came down with it too which meant even less sleep. I felt so bad for her. Nathan was still in school up to this point and still had his cold from the beginning of the month (it is the cold that NEVER ends) and Spencer decided several months before that naps were just not for him. I really look forward to the reunion, but this year I was not able to visit much because I was holed up in our motel room trying to get better and not pass it on. The good thing is that with so much family around I was able to get more sleep and somewhat kick it, maybe that is stretching it, I was able to breathe through my nose (yes, that was my measure of wellness) somewhat by the end of the weekend. Thanks to all who helped wrangle my cute 2 year old.
Spencer and the ladybug
Spencer loves the temple, so on the way home we stopped to eat lunch at the St. George temple. We talked about how the temple is Jesus's house. The next thing I know Spencer is running up the steps and pounding on the door yelling"Jesus!, Jesus!" I should have seen that coming. I love that kid.

Katherine Elizabeth

I did not realize it had been so long since I had updated. So with no further ado, I introduce to our blog...Katherine Elizabeth. She is just over two months old now and we aren't sure where the time has gone.

7 lbs and 4 oz. of pure baby perfection .
 What we look sleep deprived in this picture? It is not even close to how we felt. Nathan does not look it, but he was deathly ill. I felt like we should have had side by side hospital beds.
 This is the same outfit I wore home from the hospital. Tradition, Tradition!
Spencer LOVES being a big brother. He walked right into the hospital room up to Katie and put his arms out to hold her. It was adorable! He still asks all the tie to "Hold him?" We are working on his pronouns. He is a good helper to fetch diapers and other items. He thinks her "Lello (yellow) poops" are about the funniest thing ever. (Why do all little boys think poop is so funny?) The first few mornings at home the first thing he would ask in the morning was where Katie was. 
Katie is good to put up with a bit of smothering by her brother and loves it when he talks to her. She will talk right back and gives him big smiles.
She has the funniest scowl. She likes to tease Grandma with it (both of them, in fact). She loves to look at herself in the mirror and being naked. If she is sad, I know I can put her in front of the mirror, take off her diaper, or turn on a ceiling fan for her to watch and the world is right again.

Her smile comes readily and lights up her whose face. She has the most kissable cheeks and intense baby chubb.

She has the sweetest little voice. I have a hard tie putting her to bed because she "talks" the most right before bedtime. She has slept 6 hours on average most nights since she was a few weeks old. She rarely cries. I usually wake up to her smacking on her fist. That girl is a natural thumb sucker.

I love her chin...both of them. I love how good-natured and patient she is. She loves her little bounce chair and figured out right off that if you kick the birds on it will move. I have one smart little cookie.

Basically, I am just the luckiest mom in the world to have two beautiful, healthy children.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

My Heaven

Last week, I was making a new quiet book for Spencer with pictures of our family for him to look at during church meetings. I stumbled upon this quote.
I have been thinking about this lots during the week and I couldn't agree more.

Last night as we drove into our driveway, Spencer excitedly said "Home!". I love that he recognizes his home and is excited to be here. He will often, when he is sad or not feeling well, when we are out running errands, at church or visiting family take me by the hand and announce "Home".

I have been blessed to be able to stay at home more with Spencer and I only have to go to work for a few hours each week. I have loved my time at home with him. We miss Dad during the day though. Spencer usually asks about Dad at least once a day. He loves having both of his parents home with him.

I really love my home, even if it is sometimes exhausting trying to keep up with all the yard and housework.  Sometimes I worry that our home is a little small for all the spirits we want to fill it with, but Nathan reminds me how good we felt about buying this house and that just because the world tells us that we need a big house so that kids can have their own rooms and such, it is just not true. We were wise in purchasing something we could afford, have room to grow, but is not too big for us now.

All this thinking about home led me to think on my home growing up. I was really sad when my parents moved. I loved the home I grew up in. We had awesome neighbors, a fabulous large yard (especially for Vegas), and so many memories. I thought that the new house could never feel like home to me, especially since it would not be my home (as I had already moved out at this point). Now however, the new house is home and when I drive past my childhood home, I no longer feel a connection to it. In fact, it makes me sad because the people living there now have not taken care of it. Spencer loves "Ma-ma's" house and we will make many new memories in that house.

I am looking forward to General Conference this weekend, when I can listen to prophets of God tell me what I need to do to make my home more like heaven. I love that through the miracle of technology we can invite these leaders into our homes and feel of their spirit there.

This primary song puts it beautifully. I love the simple way that primary songs teach us profound truths.

Lastly, enjoy this inspiring hymn that has become one of my favorites. How grateful I am for the plan of salvation that provides a way for us to return to our heavenly home and the loved ones that make it home. 
When we meet ne'er to part,

Oh, what songs of the heart

We shall sing in our beautiful home.
Oh, that I might live worthy of that day.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Parenting Breakthrough

Spencer has this lovely little habit of running out into the street EVERY time we go out to the car. It scares me to death that he is going to get hit by a car, as they often come zipping down our street without really paying attention. We have been working for weeks on getting him to understand how dangerous running in the street can be. We have tried time-outs, spanking, talking to him before we even open the door...nothing seemed to work. He understands what the rule is, no running in the street only on the sidewalk or the grass. He would repeat it to me before we go outside, but then get that glint in his eye and be off like a rocket while I tried to lock the door. Our neighbors must think it humorous to watch a very pregnant me try to chase my very speedy little boy all the way down the street. Yesterday, we ran some of our normal errands and we went over the rule before leaving the house and HE OBEYED. Not once did I have to chase after him. He even dropped his ball and it rolled into the street. I thought, "that's it, the end of our little no street streak", but he ran to the edge of the drive and watched it roll away and waited for me to come hold his hand and cross the street to get it. I am so proud of him! He is learning to make good choices and listen to Mom. Take that terrible twos.
I am the luckiest mom. I have such a terrific little person to spend my days with. I was wishing I had a full time video camera trained on him. He makes me laugh all the time. He loves to read, can identify some of his colors and letters, loves to Facetime and play on the iPad, helps with chores, and thinks naps are for babies (much to Mom's dismay). He still carries around "silkie" and "bo-bo" (his bear), but we can usually talk him into leaving them at home when we go places now. He thinks that the moon is one of his best friends. He tells it "night-night" and points it out anytime there is even a slight crescent shape. The handicap parking spots...ever notice that the wheel of the chair is a crescent shape...neither had I, but Spencer made sure to let me know that there was a moon shape on the ground. He is going to be an awesome big brother. It is weird to think that two years ago he was just a tiny baby. If only I could make time slow down.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014